Enabling the Dealeasy app


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To enable the Dealeasy app, please follow the below instructions after installing the app.

1. To display the volume discount offers on the online store, the app needs to be enabled from the theme editor. When disabled, the warning banner in the screenshot is visible. Click on the "Enable Dealeasy" button.

2. Follow the instructions. Copy the Dealeasy key and head to the theme editor.

3. In the theme editor, enable the app, paste the copied key, and click Save. If you want to preview in a draft theme, you can do that as well from the draft theme's editor.

4. Head back to the app admin, and ensure the disabled warning goes away.

Now, you are ready to create volume discounts. There are 2 types of display widgets available: Table widget and Quantity Selector widget. Checkout the user guide articles on creating volume discounts to proceed.

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