Create a cart value goal using the Tiered cart discount.

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About the Tiered cart discount

The “Tiered cart discount” will offer discounts to the customers on their cart value when they reach a certain cart value goal.

It displays a progress bar with tiered cart goals and their corresponding discount values.

Follow the below steps to create a Tiered cart discount.

1. Click on the "Create discount" button in the app home page.

2. Look for “Tiered cart discount” and click on the “Create” button.

3. First choose the Tiered cart discount method.

If you plan to create 5 discounts or less choose “Automatic” or else choose the “Code” option. We will try to auto-apply codes as well, but some themes might have an issue.

4. Select the discount type, whether you want to offer discounts in percentage or in fixed amounts. Then, set up the discount tiers.

5. We recommend enabling at least one product discount combination as the volume discounts can be stacked with each other. Now, save the settings.

6. After saving the Tiered cart discount settings, you can complete the widget appearance settings. Click on "Customize".

7. In the Cart progress bar settings, first let’s position the widget on the product page.

8. For 2.0 themes, you can easily position using the theme editor. To customize a widget in an older theme, contact our support team for free setup assistance.

9. You can show the Tiered cart discount progress bar at the cart page and show the goal to be achieved. This can provoke the customer to complete the goal.

  • Go to the Cart page editor, and click on "Add section" to place the progress bar on top of the page (It’s the ideal position for a progress bar). Switch to the “Apps” tab and select the “Cart progress bar”.

  • Drag the “Cart progress bar” widget to the desired position.

10. Save the settings and verify if the changes are reflected in the cart page. 

11. You can also show the “Tiered cart discount” in the cart drawer page too, but you can’t customize it using the theme editor. Contact our support team if you want the “Tiered cart discount” in your cart drawer.

12. You can also customize the default text fields of the widget.

13. Create more cart value goals as required.

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